Funlockets Surprise Jewellery Box Collectable Toys for Girls (1 Piece Assorted Color)

SKU: Funlockets Jewellery Box

Unlock the First Door - What Will there be?

Firstly unwrap the Heart Key on top of your Funlocket Jewellery box and try the different drawers to find the one it unlocks! There are 4 to choose from - good luck! Inside every secret draw there is an organzer bag, sealed with a draw string ribbon, full of hidden surprises!

Unlock Each Door to Discover all the Surprises

Inside your Funlocket jewellery box there is either a bracelet or necklace that you can attach all of your super-cute charms to, create your own girls jewellery and rock your new look! Will you reveal a scented, glittery, rare or ultra rare charm? Or will you find a limited edition friendship Keychain to gift to your best girl friend?

There are 18 surprises in total and 75 charms to collect.