Jan Van Haasteren Highland Games Jigsaw Puzzle (1500 pieces)

Type: Jigsaw
SKU: 1500 JVH Highland Games
Highland Games is the title of this Jan van Haasteren 1500 piece jigsaw puzzle and, as with all of his illustrations, you are sure to find this puzzle extremely enjoyable while laughing at all of the individual illustrations!
 The finished puzzle image captures a comedic battle between the all different nations. But as with every Jan van Haasteren puzzle, not everything is going to be Plan with characters and situations that many of us would all find all too familiar. To give you a taste of the humour in this puzzle, you can see the legend of the Loch Ness Monster is hiding in the background! If this small taster of the illustrations in this 1500 piece puzzle sounds like your cup of tea, then don't miss out on the fun of piecing this puzzle together because there are many more hilarious illustrations to be enjoyed.