Doodle Bear Fashion Plush & 3 Washable Markers Set Colour Wash New Girls Toy 3+

by Tomy
Type: Toy
SKU: Doodle Bear - Fashion

The adorable Doodle Bears love to be decorated cuddled!

Each bear toy includes three Doodle markers that let kids set their inner artist free as they create oodles of doodles on their bear. But now there's even more to do!

 Download the free Doodle Bear Studio app and take a picture to bring your Bear to life! Customize the background with cute preloaded stickers, or use the pencil tool to create your own fun drawings.

 You can even record a message. Try your normal voice, or choose an effect to make yourself sound funny! When ready, save the finished project and share your favorite doodles with friends. Done for the day? Just like the original Doodle Bear, parents can safely wash Doodle Bear so that the fun can start all over again. Doodle. Wash. Doodle again! What will you Doodle today?