Drumond Park Sketchy Drawing Pad Family Board Game

Type: Board Games
SKU: Sketchy Game
  • SKETCHY: A speedy game of sketch and swipe, Sketchy is all about drawing quick, simple pictures so your team-mates can guess what they are! Played in two teams, Sketchy is great for kids and adults to play together

  • BOARD GAMES FOR KIDS AND ADULTS: The clever Sketchyscreen allows drawing on one side to show through to the GUESSERS on the other side. You have 30 seconds to draw as many pics as possible for your team mates to guess

  • ENDLESS HOURS OF ENTERTAINMENT: When it's your turn, take a topic card. All the items to draw have a common theme. On the DRAWER’s side is a list of the six items to draw, on the GUESSERs’ side is a huge hint about the common theme

  • AGE SUITABILITY & NUMBER OF PLAYERS: This family game for kids and adults has been designed for two teams and is suitable for adults and children, girls and boys from 8 years of age +

  • IDEAL GIFT FOR CHILDREN: A great present to give at Christmas and birthdays, Sketchy is sure to bring the family together and get your creative juices flowing as you race to guess as many drawings as you can to win!