Enchantimals Cailey Cow

Type: Toy
SKU: Enchantimals Cailey Cow
'Enchantimals Cailey Cow!!!'

Let the adorable Enchantimals dolls and their animal friends enchant you. Cailey Cow doll shares a special bond with Curdle cow - they're always together, and they look alike, too. Always standing out from the herd, Cailey Cow doll (6-inch) wears a trendy outfit with colourful country touches and cowboy boots. Little ones will adore her curly, long hair styled in pigtails and enchanting details that match her animal-idealie, like adorable cow ears, spots, and a tail. Curdle cow has charming touches, too, like a patch of furry hair. Kids will love playing out the special bond these two friends share and creating their own Enchantimals adventures. Collect them all to build out your world of Enchantimals (each sold separately, subject to availability). Includes doll wearing fashion and accessories and animal figure. colours and decorations may vary.

  • Discover the magic of friendship and nature with these lovable Enchantimals characters  
  • Cailey Cow doll (6-Inch) comes with Curdle cow - they're always together and they look alike, too 
  • Little ones will love playing out the special bond these best friends share
  • For fashion fun, the trendspottin' Cailey Cow doll wears a elegant western outfit with a removable skirt and snazzy cowgirl boots
  • She and Curdle cow have fantastical finishes to encourage imaginative play, like adorable cow ears and tails