Falcon De Luxe Jigsaw - Life in Lockdown - 1000 pieces

Type: Jigsaw
SKU: Falcon Life in Lockdown 1000 pieces

‘Life in Lockdown’ represents what has been a unique experience for us all. With this 1000-piece puzzle, UK-based artist Adele Leyris has combined bold colours and intricate detail to explore the lives of neighbours whose lockdown couldn’t be more different. Puzzlers can take a peek into each of their worlds as they explore a host of new hobbies and find ingenious ways to support one another through this unprecedented time.

Falcon Contemporary puzzles are casting a spotlight on the finest in modern artwork and designs. Our artists are carefully selected to represent a diverse range of styles to appeal to puzzlers worldwide. We use only 100% recycled cardboard, cut with the thinnest knife possible to produce a seamless look. The range has also been developed with smaller, more compact boxes and free from plastic shrink wrap to create a more sustainable way to puzzle.