Heroes Of Goo Jit Zu Galaxy Attack Vac Attack Orbitox, Pump Action Villain! Bend And Pose Into Shape, Perfect Christmas / Birthday Present For 4 To 8 Year Olds, Squishy, Stretchy Tactile Play

SKU: Goo Jit Zu Orbitox
  • Air Vac Orbitox is a Larger Scale Heroes of Gu Jit Zu Action Hero!

  • New Pump Power! Pump the head to suck out the air for an "all-new" stretch, pose and hold play experience!

  • Pump Power still gives you the Goo Jit Zu stretchy, Gooey play as well as adding a completely different posable way of playing!

  • Collect both Galaxy Attack Pump Power Action Heroes - Air Vac Thrash and Air Vac Orbitox!