Rubik's Cube - Magic Star 2 Pack Gift Set

Type: Game
SKU: Rubiks Magic Star

Rubik's Cube has got a new flare in the Rubik's Magic Star!


With its endless possible combinations, the Rubik's magic star is a refreshing and relaxing break from spinning and twisting toys, making it interesting choice for problem solving and concentration. It can be easily folded and flipped, making it simple for all.


Rubik's Magic Star is fascinating and engaging and can occupy someone for an entire day, especially while travelling on buses, trains, planes, etc. It is the perfect get away from screens and tech. On top of that, it adds to the analytical skills and imagination. The Magic star is the perfect gift for professional adults too!


  Includes 2 magic star puzzles and provides endless colour and shape combinations. Perfect for distracting and fidgeting!!